Day 3 is the second day of the game.

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Dialogues & Tasks Edit

Character Dialogue
AUSTIN Good morning, (name)! I always start my day off with the paper- I like knowing what's happening in the world.
AUSTIN So, what do we have here? The president's address... A golf competition... An attempted store robbery...
AUSTIN Hey, (name)! A cute little puppy is looking for a new home!
Game Action
Game Newspaper is shown
Character Dialogue
AUSTIN I barely slept last night after all that noise in the garden. I'd feel better if we had a dog. Let's call Bark 'N' Purr!
AUSTIN And we'll finally be able to build a treehouse!
Task Requirements
Call about the ad 1 Star
Build the new treehouse 1 Star (2 hours and 30 minutes)
Game Action
AUSTIN The frame is ready...
Character Dialogue
AUSTIN As far as I remember, Robbie, your dad helped build this house. Right?
Template:ROBBIE That's right, Austin! That was when he started sharing his professional secrets with me.
AUSTIN Wow! Looks like someone already has a family tradition of building new treehouses!
Template:ROBBIE I do, and when I'm done, you'll see how much better it is!
Task Requirements
Build the new treehouse 1 Star (2 hours and 30 minutes)
Game Action
AUSTIN I think it's done.
AUSTIN (name), let's remove this fence!
Character Dialogue
AUSTIN Look at this treehouse! It's even better than I imagined, Robbie.
Template:ROBBIE It'll be even better after we paint it! Just pick a color- the rest is on me.
Task Requirements
Paint the treehouse 1 Star
Character Dialogue
Template:ROBBIE Everything's ready, Austin! Don't forget to put away the paint cans under the tree. Cheers!
AUSTIN The new treehouse is wonderful, don't you think, (name)? Look how neatly it's painted! By the way, the rest of the garden needs a little touching up too.
AUSTIN Hey, what's this dirty hole in the wall? I think we should remove the rubbish from it and put a new flowerbed there.
Task Requirements
Remove rubbish from the hole 1 Star
Character Dialogue
AUSTIN Hello, is this Bark N' Purr? I'm calling about your ad.
Template:MARTHA I'm Martha, the shelter owner. Are you looking to adopt a pet, Mr...?
AUSTIN My name's Austin. And I really want to adopt a puppy! I think our garden is a perfect place for a puppy!
Template:MARTHA Excellent! Do you think you might want to adopt a cat too? You could even adopt a parrot or a turtle in a box.
AUSTIN Thank you, but all I need is a dog right now. We're going to guard the house together!
Template:MARTHA Have you ever considered getting a guard cat? Just imagine how surprised the trespassers would be!
AUSTIN Thanks, Martha, but I'd really appreciate a DOG!
Template:MARTHA Okay, okay. I hope the conditions in your garden are appropriate for the dog. I'll check it out personally when I bring you the puppy.
AUSTIN This just crossed my mind: what if the puppy is bored in our garden?
AUSTIN We should definitely put in a flowerbed! The dog can run around and chase butterflies in it.
Task Requirements
Bring the puppy 1 Star (1 hour and 30 minutes)
Plant flowers 1 Star
Game Action
AUSTIN Oh, I'm so excited...
AUSTIN I hope he got here safe and sound!
Character Dialogue
Template:MARTHA Hello, Austin! I brought you a lovely puppy.
Template:MARTHA However, I need to make sure your home is appropriate for a dog. What if you have nowhere for him to run, or nothing to chew on, or nowhere to bury a bone?
AUSTIN What?! We have a lovely garden here with plenty of space! Go run, chew, dig, whatever you want!
Template:MARTHA I never trust first impressions. Plus, this is one active dog...
AUSTIN Hey, where are you going? Martha, how do I get him to come back? Does he have a name?
Template:MARTHA Hmm... there's one problem: I've tried hundreds of names, but he won't respond to any of them.
AUSTIN Barney! Snoopy! Bartholomew! Mister Superdog! He doesn't like my names either... (name), maybe you can come up with something.
Task Requirements
Enter your dog's name None
Character Dialogue
AUSTIN (dog's name)! Here, (dog's name)!
Template:DOG Woof! Woof, woof!
AUSTIN Hey, he responded! Looks like he likes that name!
Template:MARTHA And he likes this garden too. So do I. Now I feel okay about leaving him with you. Good luck with the training!
AUSTIN Thanks, but we'll start training tomorrow. Today we're going to give our new friend something delicious to celebrate our first day together! (name), let's feed our new friend!
Task Requirements
Feed the dog 1 Star
Game Action
AUSTIN So, (dog's name), let's go find you something to eat!
Character Dialogue
AUSTIN I think the pup really liked the new dogfood. We should stick to it.
AUSTIN (dog's name) will grow big and handsome! I think he's already bigger!
Character Letter
Template:MARIE (name),

You were accepted to the Faithful Tails amateur dog-breeder club. We hope you and your dog will be active participants in all our events! Sincerely, Peter Waters Club Director and happy owner of a lovely dog named Archibald