Austin is the protagonist of the game Gardenscapes and its sequel Homescapes. He is kind. He is also very loyal.


In Gardenscapes he is in the first part writing a letter to the player. Then when in the next scene he is shown teaching the player the game. When Austin is seen looking for the new owner the player is asked to enter his/her name. When the game starts. He is seen at the end of every game where he claps his hands. He is seen doing tasks day by day. Until he goes to sleep. When the day new starts the player has to play a game and when the player gets a star the player will spend it.


In Homescapes he visited his childhood home. He traveled to his childhood home via plane which means he lives in another country. When he arrived his childhood home is damaged. He decides to renovate the carpet. When his parents got home. They were shocked that they saw Austin. Austin's parents asked the name of the visitor. The player enters his/her name. Once done Olivia asked Austin to stay in his room. Austin decides to renovate his room in which he did. When he was done William said about selling the house. While Austin was sleeping he was having a nightmare in which his parents sold the house.


  • Austin has a pet dog. The name will be given by the player in Gardenscapes.
  • Austin used to have a turtle but his parents sent it to the Zoo.
  • Austin has his very own instagram in real life.
  • In Homescapes, Austin reveals that he used to play Butler vs Weeds 3, a game parodying 'Plants vs Zombies'. And he remembered that his computer once froze during a boss, and he very nearly turned into a monster himself out of frustration, almost similar to the 'Incredible Hulk'.

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